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11:26 a.m. - Tuesday, Mar. 20, 2007
Introducing Yum Yum

Today is the first day of Spring 2007!!! So lovely outside too. Even if it is raining.

I have a new cat. Her name is Yum Yum (YY for short). She's a Siamese but I don't think she's a full-blooded Siamese. I have a feeling she's a mix of some kind. But she's a lovely cat in any event. She's got two shades of brown. The darkest chocolate brown is around her eyes, ears and tail. The lighter tan shade is on her body and legs. And white fur is around her mouth, on her throat, and on her stomach. I have no idea how old she might be. But she seems to be a young adult. She's certainly no kitten, that's for sure.

Yum Yum is a lot of company. She's basically an indoor cat, but she loves to venture outside now and then. She likes to live dangerously. Especially with the male cat, Rudy, living two doors away and who is outside a lot of the time. YY is fixed though and can't have kittens, but I don't think that will stop Rudy from wanting some play time with YY. So I have to watch out for him to come around.

Rudy used to be allowed to come here and visit me before I got YY. Now he's no longer welcome and I'm sure it's confusing to him.

While I was cleanin' out the litter box today I had the back door open for YY to come in and out. I turned off the heating/cooling system and turned on the fan because it's just sooo nice outside. While my back was turned to the office door I heard YY give this loud meow and I spoke to her about how I was cleanin' out her bathroom. Then I glanced back and YY was hunched down in the office doorway and some of her fur was on end.

Rudy had come in through the back door and had his face happily buried in YY's cat food. YY had begun hissin' and showin' her fangs and I could see I was in for a problem. I had to shoo Rudy outside and shut the back door to get YY calmed down again.

Poor Rudy. He doesn't know why he was so welcome for a time and now he's being shunned for this new creature with blue eyes. Poor Rudy. I feel so sorry for him. But it's either shoo him out or end up with a terrible cat fight on my hands maybe and possibly one or more injured cats. I don't know what I'll do now about Rudy's visits now. Maybe in time he'll stop coming around--I can only hope for his own safety and my peace of mind.

YY usually stays pretty well somewhere close to me. She most often can be found lying beneath my computer desk in her catly fashion or sitting nearby to wherever I am in whatever room I'm in. She keeps her eye on me. Even when I don't see her, I can hear the bells on her collar ringing most of the time and can determine where she is unless she hides and gets still which she does now and then.



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