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11:17 a.m. - Monday, Feb. 27, 2006
Makin' Excuses
This mornin' I had a nice big breakfast of eggs and bacon with made-from-scratch biscuits and water gravy. Yum! That's the best breakfast I've made in awhile. Lately it's just been whatever is quickest to fix. But this mornin' I just felt like I wanted some biscuits and so I made up a bit of gravy to go with them.

I cleaned up the kitchen and then I threw outside some leftover muffins that I had made the other day and some left over cornbread from a couple of days ago for the birds. I saw them beginning to line up on the telephone wires outside after tossing the bread into the yard and I kept wonderin' why they didn't come on down to eat it.

Finally I came in here to read email and in just a few moments I heard a dog bark outside. So I opened the blinds in here and there were two dogs, a big brown one and a smaller black and white one, just gobbling down the muffins in the backyard while the birds looked on. I mean they were seriously wolfin' them up.

I came back to email and right before I began this letter I checked to see and I don't see anymore muffins and the birds are gone, nowhere to be seen. I thought they might come down and eat up the bread crumbs and I thought surely the dogs won't eat cornbread. Was I surprised!

I've seen these dogs around here for awhile now and they both have collars on so they surely belong to somebody. But they must have been very hungry to eat cornbread.

I've still got lots to do this mornin'. I need to run the vaccuum too sometime this afternoon after I'm reasonably sure the neighbors on each side of me have had time to get up in case someone might be sleepin' in late. I figure around 1 or 2 pm would be a good time to do that. Then no one can say that I made all that racket too early or too late.

I hated to see the Olympics end, but I'm kind of glad too. Now I can get into doing some things I've put off until they were over. Sometimes any excuse to put something off will work for me.

I hope y'all have a great day today. Smile. Makes people wonder what you've been doin'.



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